Middle and High School Sports

Soccer: practice will begin Monday, August 2, and will run all week except for Wednesday. Times are 5:00-7:30pm. Bring shin guards, cleats, and a large water source.

Volleyball: practice/camp will begin on Tuesday, August 3, and will run all week from 10:00am-2:00pm. Bring knee pads, a water bottle, and sneakers.

Cross Country: we will have an informational meeting on Tuesday, August 3. You can come at 2:00pm or at 7:30pm. Please meet in the gym.

Our varsity volleyball team and our boys soccer team will be playing in kickoff tournaments.

The boys will be playing in the Bulldog Classic at Berean Christian Academy in Fayetteville. They will play Friday, August 20, at 3:00pm, against Raleigh Christian Academy. The consolation game will be Saturday at 10:00am followed by the championship game at noon. Admission: Adult- $6.00, Students- $3.00, Family- $18.00. These prices are per day. I do not see a tournament pass. Coach Paul will be letting you know about staying in a hotel Friday night instead of driving back and forth.

The volleyball team is playing in a tournament at Southeastern FWB College. It is also Friday and Saturday but I have no information yet on the times we are playing. We will stay at a hotel Friday night. There will be more information to come.