Admissions Process

School Registration Procedures

1. Get to know us!  Visit our campus by scheduling a tour.

2. New students entering grades 3rd – 12th  who come from a non-Abeka school are required to take an entrance exam through TestPoint for minimal fee.  The principal will contact you regarding the test scores.

3. An application must be completed in its entirety and submitted by mail or it may be returned to our school office with a non-refundable registration.

K4-K5 Elementary Enrollment Application 2024-2025

1st-5th Elementary Enrollment Application 2024-2025

Middle-High Enrollment Application 2024-2025

*Children entering K4 must be 4 years old by August 31st of the school year.

*Children entering K5 must be 5 years old by August 31st of the school year.

4. Please attach a copy of the following documents.

 Birth Certificate

 Current Immunizations Record

 Physical Exam (less than one year old)

5. Upon receipt the principal will schedule an on campus interview.  Parent(s) and the student are requested to attend.  Please go read through our JCA Student Handbook.

6. Should a student not be accepted by the school or due to military transfer after the registration fee has been paid, the fee will be refunded. A copy of the orders is requested.

7. Any student enrolling from another school system whose records are not obtained by JCA from their former school within 2 weeks after enrollment will be required to withdraw until such records are accounted for and found to be acceptable.

8. No student will be accepted at JCA who has an outstanding balance or unpaid account from any other school or school system until all balances and accounts with that school have been paid.

9. No student will be accepted at JCA who has been expelled or suspended from any other school. Student admission is conditional.  New students are admitted on probation for the first six weeks.  If a student fails to make progress adjusting to our program, parents should find a school better suited for that student.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have about our registration process.




The NC Opportunity Scholarship will now be open to ALL rising, K5-12th grade, NC residents next year! We are urging all JCA families to apply. The application window for new families is Feb 1 – Mar 1. Use this link to create an account and...

2024-2025 Early Bird Registration

Early bird registration will begin Wednesday, February 7th for current JCA families at $100 per student. Open enrollment for the public will be Friday, March 1st and the fee will increase to $150 per student. Stay tuned, more details regarding the 2024-2025 school...

2021-2022 Covid Plan

View our new Covid Plan by clicking on the ‘Admissions’ tab and then scrolling down to ‘Parent Resources’. You will find the 2021-2022 Covid Plan link on the Parent Resource page.