Dress Code

Dear JCA Parents,

Uniforms may be purchased from Educational Outfitters (school code NC21), Land’s End, or other distributers provided they adhere to our JCA uniform code in style, length, color, and fit.  You can also see our JCA used readers and uniforms Facebook page for more uniform options.  Refer to your Student Handbook for more specific details. Please read the helpful information below and on the back. Thank you!

Click Here: JCA Dress Code Information 2018-2019



  • Khaki or Navy
  • Long, Durable cotton/Docker-style
  • May have pleats and hip pockets – no cargo pocket
  • Belt-looped pants must be worn with a belt
Oxford (Button Down) Dress Shirts
  • Oxford dress shirts: White, Pale Yellow and Light Blue
  • Long or short sleeved, with a traditional collar
  • Must bear JCA logo
Polo Casual Shirts
  • White, Navy, Gold and Pale Yellow
  • Long or short-sleeved, with a traditional collar
  • Must bear JCA logo


Skirts, Skorts, and Jumpers
  • Solid, Khaki or Navy
  • Blue/ Gold Plaid is acceptable and may be purchased through Educational Outfitter or Land’s End or be an exact match to it.
  • Durable cotton/Docker-style
  • Lengths should fall to the bottom of the knee or longer when standing.
  • Straight, A-line, or pleated styles are acceptable.
  • Hip pockets are fine… no cargo pockets.
  • Any type of slit must be sewn at the knee.
  • Skorts must have front and back flaps and may be worn provided they meet the bottom of knee standard.
  • Jumpers must bear the JCA logo.
Oxford Dress Shirts
  • White, Pale Yellow and Light Blue
  • Long or short-sleeved, with a traditional collar
  • Must bear the JCA logo
Polo casual shirts
  • White, Navy, Gold and Pale Yellow
  • Long or short-sleeved, with a traditional collar
  • Must bear JCA logo
Plain White Blouse
  • Long or short-sleeved, with a traditional collar
  • May be worn under the Jumper, without a logo.
  • Must have a logo if worn with skirt or skort.

Sweaters, Sweatshirts and Jackets

Sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets worn indoor

Students will be allowed to wear only the following specified colored jackets, sweaters, vest, and sweatshirts.

  • Navy blue, White, Yellow/Gold
  • Conqueror Spirit Wear may be worn OVER the uniform shirt in the building/during class time.
  • If desired, items may bear the logo or initials/name of the student.
  • Heavier coats, any color, may be worn to and from the car or at recess when necessary

To clarify:  It is assumed a student would need to wear the items listed above only during cooler times of the year or in a particularly chilly classroom.


Our JCA logo design may be embroidered from anywhere. We recommend I Need it Now (Gum Branch Rd), or Educational Outfitters (school code NC21) or Lands End for uniforms. Our logo is in their scanning systems already. The following design may be scanned to an embroidery machine. If you do not have scanning capabilities, please come to the office. The logo should be place on the upper left side of all shirts and jumpers. For you convenience, the measurements are as follows:

  • Font: Arial, 24pt, Bold in Navy, Gold or White
  • Helmet may be Navy, Gold, or Gray
  • Plumes must be Gold or Navy.JCG Embroidery Logo



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